Directions to this Drawing from Front Door: Biogram of House and Studio
Studio Biogram in Blue Springs
Blue Springs Biogram
Driving to Donnelly in the Winter
Driving from Blue Springs Biogram
Blue Springs Studio Biogram
Blue Springs Studio Parts
Museum Store Biogram
Blue Springs Semi Biogram
Museum Biogram
On the Way to Class
Detail, On the Way to Class
Nelson Building as the Crystal Palace
Detail, Nelson Building as the Crystal Palace
Driving to Warrensburg in the Autumn
Driving to Warrensburg Biogram
Five Part Biogram
All of Them
All the Biograms
Biogram to the Museum
Zoo Parking Lot Biogram
Biogram to the Zoo
Driving to the Zoo Biogram Digital Version
Kansas City Zoo Biogram #1
Kansas City Zoo Biogram #2
Driving to the Zoo with Amanda Biogram
Zoo Biogram
Semi in Blue Springs
Semi in Blue Springs Downstairs
Semi in Blue Springs, detail
Nelson Biogram
Zoo Biogram
Studio Study
Warrensburg Biogram
Driving in Blue Springs
Violets Studio Envelope
Violets in the Studio
Paint Sampler
Studio Biogram Blue Springs
Zoo Biogram #1
Zoo Biogram #2
Friends are Flowers
Ribbon Road
Biogram to the Nelson
Driving to the Museum
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